Category: biblephrases

Heart’s desire

This week’s phrase is from Psalm 21:2:

Thou hast given him his heart’s desire, and hast not withholden the request of his lips. Selah.

What we want in our innermost being.

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings

This week’s phrase is from Psalms 8:2:

Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.

Even the young can know God. So don’t underestimate them!

The root of the matter

This week’s phrase is from Job 19:28:

But ye should say, Why persecute we him, seeing the root of the matter is found in me?

The core of something.

By the skin of your teeth

This week’s phrase is from Job 19:20:

My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth.

To narrowly escape something.

Old as the hills

This week’s phrase is from Job 15:7:

Art thou the first man that was born? or wast thou made before the hills?

Really old! Ancient!

The apple of my eye

This week’s phrase is from Deuteronomy 32:10:

In a desert land he found him, in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of his eye

One who is valued above others.

A man after my own heart

This week’s phrase is from 1 Samuel 13:14:

But now your kingdom will not endure; the LORD has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leader of his people, because you have not kept the LORD’s command.

Someone who thinks and feels the same as another.

How are the mighty fallen

This week’s phrase is from 2 Samuel 1:27:

How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!

Those who were once powerful are now powerless.

Put your house in order

This week’s phrase is from 2 Kings 20:1:

In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death. And the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz came to him, and said unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live.

To settle ones affairs, usually before death.

Gird your loins

This week’s phrase is from 1 Kings 18:46:

And the hand of the Lord was on Elijah; and he girded up his loins, and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.

Literally, to gather up ones garments in preparation for running. Idiomatically it is used to say one is preparing oneself for action.

Man does not live by bread alone

This week’s phrase is from Deuteronomy 8:3:

And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live.

We are more than just physical creatures. As such, we require more than just physical sustenance.

Put words in one’s mouth

This week’s phrase comes from 2 Samuel 14:3:

And come to the king, and speak on this manner unto him. So Joab put the words in her mouth.

The phrase is used to mean the same thing today – to make someone say what you want them to say!

Coat of many colours

This week’s phrase is from Genesis 37:3

Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours.

A rather expensive flash item… Likely to make people envious of you!

Let my people go

This week’s phrase is from Exodus 5:1:

“And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness.”

Generally used when a release from captivity is desired.

The promised land

This week’s phrase is from Exodus 12:25:

And it shall come to pass, when ye be come to the land which the LORD will give you, according as he hath promised, that ye shall keep this service.

Just as in the Old Testament, today the phrase is used to signify a goal. So to reach the promised land is to have achieved your goal.