Month: November 2006

a.m.: Psalm 132 p.m.: Joshua 22:1-9

During his reign, King David looked at his palace and compared it with the tabernacle of the Lord. He considered that God should dwell in a structure more magnificent than his own. Of course, the tabernacle was merely a tent for meeting with God, in which the Ark resided containing the covenant God had made with his people. God could never be contained within a tent, building or even the whole universe. It was left to his son, Solomon to build a permanent structure in which God could be met.

After the building of the Temple in Jerusalem, when the people approached, they pleaded not in their name but in the name of David, the anointed one of God. They knew they weren’t worthy themselves to approach God, to plead the covenant God had made with David.

For though God had declined David’s desire to build him a house, God promised to build a house for David. A house which would never fall, but would last for ever. For it is through the line of David, that the King of kings and Lord of lords would be, Jesus Christ.

For through Jesus Christ, God would truly dwell amongst men, in the hearts of all who believed in the Christ. Through Jesus Christ, men would be able to plead before God, not claiming any righteousness of their own for they have none, but pleading solely in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Walking, walking walking

Went rambling along the North Downs, starting at Silent Pool, through Shere, down to Albury and back to where we started. It’s been a while since we’d been rambling, and today was perfect. The scenery was magnificent, with leaves in varying stages of colour, bathed in warm Autumnal sunshine, with clear blue skies to boot. The walk was a good length and I came home with a good clean air change in my lungs.

The evening was spent with the usual suspects in Battersea Park to view fireworks and other traditional events commemorating the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot. Unlike last year, the evening was dry, cold and clear – perfect. 🙂

A good day.

Unusual foul

The week has been pretty much going along as usual. There have been a few memorable points though. On Monday evening, Derek scored two goals. On Wednesday, I must’ve witnessed one of the more unusual fouls ever committed in a frame of snooker – Ed was chalking up his cue and fumbled the chalk, it then landed on the green ball which was minding its own business on the baize – easy four points for me!