Abortion overview

Care published an information factfile before the General Election - these 6 points are what they put together concerning abortion.

  1. Children can see, hear, taste and smell before birth [Commission of Inquiry into Fetal Sentience, 1996].

  2. Over 4 million abortions were performed under the 1967 Abortion Act up to September 1995. Only 140 of these (0.003%) were carried out because the life of the mother was threatened [Answers to written parliamentary questions, 27 June 1996].

    In 1994, only 1.03% were because the foetus was severly handicapped [OPCS, Office of Population Censuses and Surveys].

  3. One in five conceptions now ends in abortion in England & Wales [OPCS Monitor, 1995/6].

  4. CARE believes it is ethically indefensible to determine the value of an unborn child on the basis of whether it is wanted or not.

  5. "Imperceptibly, disgracefully, we have lost our reverence for the unborn." Libby Purves, broadcaster [The Times, 6 August 1996].

  6. Changing public attitudes against abortion have been recently shown in the controversy over multiple pregnancies caused by some fertility treatments.