It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

What a day! First I forgot to set my alarm clock after the weekend, subsequently having a rather leisurely awakening, followed by a frantic rush to get in a state fit for work.
By now in September I would usually be heading up to Ruislip after work to play the piano for the Harlington Singers. However, sadly they are no more due to various reasons, I guess I’ll miss both the musical and social aspects which used to occupy my Monday evenings. No doubt, my piano playing proficiency will deteriorate due to a lack of regular change in repertoire. I should probably endeavour to play challenging pieces for pleasure.
Therefore, I am now a regular at the Monday evening five-a-side football games with my work colleagues, which in itself isn’t a bad thing. I now have a regular slot in which I maintain my physical fitness and, hopefully, my footballing skills and fitness level will improve over time. This evening’s game was interesting. I played mostly a defensive role, with only a few shots at the goal. A pleasing result at the end, with a win by a significant margin for the team I was on, and I managed to run around for pretty much the whole hour.
The remainder of the evening was spent at Sarah’s playing various games and chatting. A very pleasant way to end the evening.

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