a.m.: John 14:1-11 p.m.: Acts 1:1-11

The sermon this morning was on the claim of Jesus – “Trust in God, trust also in me”. If Jesus were not God, this statement would be that of a madman, yet his life shows he was not. Jesus also gave people reasons to believe in him, that he would prepare us a room in his Fathers house, and that he would return to take those who trust in him to that room. Very straightforward and to the point.

Lunch was very good, being at a friends house. Unusual combination of prawn crackers and traditional Sunday Roast. Still very palatable though. A very good afternoon.

This evening’s sermon was similar to the Bible study on Thursday, referring back to the ascension of Christ.
There were four basic points,

1. Jesus is alive, though being crucified, he had been resurrected and lives.
2. Jesus is ascended, he is now above all things.
3. Jesus is active, he is interceding for his people and blessing them.
4. and Jesus will appear again, and every knee will acknowledge that he is Lord.

Went for a walk around Stockley Park golf course after the evening service with some friends to see the sunset. Missed it by a few minutes. 🙁

Should grown adults be allowed to play twister…?

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