Scene three

Act one, “The mother-in-law”
Ruth 3:1-5

After discovering that Boaz is a kinsman-redeemer, Naomi see an opportunity for Ruth to find a new home – to find rest, and so she tells Ruth to do something rather unusual. Not entirely something I’d consider to be a typical way to become acquainted with someone!

Act two, “The threshing floor”
Ruth 3:6-15

Ruth dutifully does as her mother-in-law says, and goes to the threshing floor. When Boaz arrives at the threshing floor, presumably to guard the new harvest, Ruth waits until he is asleep. She then removes his footwear and lays down at his feet. Boaz awakes, probably because he has cold feet, and finds Ruth at his feet.
However, Boaz is a man of integrity and good character. He points out that there is someone who is more eligible as a kinsman-redeemer and does not take advantage of the situation. He also thinks of Ruth’s reputation and tells her to leave before she could be recognised, even though they had not done anything wrong. Before she leaves, he generously gives her some of the barley.

Act three, “The report”
Ruth 3:16-18

When Ruth tells Naomi everything that has happened, Naomi’s trust in God and Boaz is evident. She tells Ruth to wait and see what happens, and also that she is sure Boaz will do what is right.

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