Here there and everywhere

Spent the evening at Slough Ice Arena with some of the usual suspects. I must admit ice skating is not one of my talents, although I only fell over once today, taking out Dave in the process. I can actually pick up quite a scary speed, although if anyone gets in the way, steering is a problem, so if I hit anyone I’m likely to flatten them. As most of the rink seemed to be populated by small children and rather young teenagers, I kept my skating antics to sedately going around the edge. Although I must admit that going round and round in circles did induce boredom after a while. Ah well, at least it was slightly different from usual. I guess a little more practice probably wouldn’t go amiss, although maybe somewhere a little quieter.

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2 Responses to Here there and everywhere

  1. David Appleton says:

    You were ‘saving the children’ eh? 10 points from trying to sway your cowardly edge skater into some kind of herioc effort πŸ™‚

  2. gerald says:

    Will no-one think of the children?! πŸ™‚

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