After a lunchtime conversation with my work colleagues about the price of meat, I thought I’d have a look to see how much different meats actually cost per kg. The prices are a snapshot of the prices at Tesco on 24-Nov-2011.

Beef Mince £3.28/kg
Burgers £4.39/kg
Stewing steak £5.19/kg
Casserole steak £7.50/kg
Shoulder joint £7.50/kg
Rump Steak £8.61/kg
Rib roast £9.88/kg
Sir loin £15.47/kg
Fillet steak £22.98/kg
Chicken Whole chicken £2.43/kg
Legs £2.96/kg
Thighs £3.62/kg
Breast quarter £4.16/kg
Breast fillet £9.63/kg
Fish Mussel meat £4.45/kg
Seafood sticks £5.00/kg
River Cobbler £6.46/kg
Whole trout £6.99/kg
Haddock fillets £7.96/kg
Cod fillets £8.70/kg
Plaice fillets £9.17/kg
Cooked and peeled prawns £9.53/kg
Raw king prawns £13.96/kg
Salmon fillets £16.89/kg
Trout fillets £18.19/kg
Scallops £18.75/kg
Tuna steak £19.98/kg
Lamb Mutton mince £3.18/kg
Shoulder £5.00/kg
Mince £6.73/kg
Leg £8.99/kg
Shanks £8.99/kg
Steak £11.34/kg
Shoulder fillets £12.50/kg
Chops £14.15/kg
Pork Shoulder joint £2.19/kg
Leg joint £2.99/kg
Pork mince £3.00/kg
Ribs £3.36/kg
Belly slices £3.78/kg
Shoulder steaks £3.89/kg
Boneless Streaky slices £4.78/kg
Trimmed rib rack £4.99/kg
Pork chops £5.97/kg
Smoked back bacon £6.88/kg
Loin Steaks £7.71/kg
Fillet £7.99/kg
Escalopes £11.67/kg
Medallions £11.67/kg
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