Virtual Retail therapy

Decided to start my Christmas shopping today. Being the lazy geek I am though, I decided to it all online this year.
Usually when I go shopping, I saunter all the way to Kingston as it has the best quantity and quality of shops this side of Marble Arch. The usual approach involves a lot of leg work though as I wander from store to store trying to think of what to get various people and by the end of it I’m completely worn out.
Today was different though, I started off with Christmas cards from Tearfund as I always think Christ should be part of Christmas, and these cards all have Scriptural references in them as well as making some practical contribution to the furtherance of God’s kingdom. The Banner of Truth Trust was my next port of call, with a wide selection of good Reformed books to choose from, although I’m not mentioning who they’re for as they might read this. My final web destination was Amazon, with a little more discernment required when choosing gifts. After an hour or so browsing the web, I had purchased a significant proportion of required gifts, with only a few people left to think about. Additionally, I’m still feeling quite awake and able to do more. It was all rather easy – in fact, so easy, I even bought a little something for myself, let’s just say I now have no excuses for poor photos…

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