Everyone is special

A nice lazy Saturday, after the rather hectic Saturdays of late. Woke up nice and late, had a nice long shower, cooked some breakfast and then lounged around in front of the computer for a couple of hours, played the piano for a while then went and played snooker against Pete. I must admit, Pete isn’t that bad at it, although very, very, very, slow… In the time it would take to play around six frames, we’d only played three! There’s lazy and then there’s lazy…
In the evening I went to see The Incredibles, by Pixar, with some of the usual suspects. In true tradition, the main feature was preceded by short film, although this particular short was slightly bizarre!
The main film itself was very good though. Can Pixar do no wrong? It was fast paced, yet had a good underlying message. In a way, it is rather ironic that Prince Charles’ comments of the past days have surfaced, as both the film and the prince say similar things. Whilst everyone is special, everyone’s gifts and talents are different. Additionally some people’s talents will far exceed the talents of others. As such, we should be able to recognise those talents we have and work hard at them, developing them to the full, whilst not gloating about these talents before others. These gifts and talents are precious and should be used for good. We should also be able to recognise when we do not have a talent for some things and accept it.
On top of this message were great animation and a superb storyline, with characters who were incredible, yet had very human issues. Well worth seeing.

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