a.m.: Ecclesiastes 5:1-7 p.m.: Galatians 3:20-4:7, 5:1

This morning’s sermon was another look at Ecclesiastes. In chapter 5, Solomon considers those who go to the house of God.
Some go out of ritual, they are ignorant of the word of God, and of God himself, and think their rituals will somehow make them right with God. They have their own idea who God is. In effect they have made their own image of God rather than pay any attention to God as he really is through what he says in his word.
Others go with an indifference. They put on a show every time they visit God’s house, yet in every day life they carry on as if their visit never happened. Outwardly they agree with what is being said, but inwardly it makes no differnce to them.
Both these types of people have missed the point and their visit to the house of God is of no benefit to them. Indeed, it is possible that their visit is detrimental to them as will have no excuse for their ignorance and indifference.
If we are to visit God’s house, we should go with the right attitude. We should know we are going to worship God. We should seek to know God, understanding who he is, listening to what he says to us. If we know God and listen to him, it should have an impact on our lives and affect our lives in everything we do.

The evening sermon looked at the freedom which was bought through Christ.
As human beings in a fallen world we are slaves to sin. We are subject to it in our very being. It permeates our actions and ultimately puts us at loggerheads with God. Yet through his incarnation and what he has done, Christ has granted us freedom from sin, through faith.
If our faith is in Christ, we are no longer subject to sin. We are freed from the wrath of God due to sin under the law and adopted as sons and daughters of God. Whilst our old sinful nature will still tug at our actions, we should not wilfully sin. Christ has not left us to deal with this sin on our own, but his Spirit works in us to strengthen us and guide us.
Ultimately this freedom was not cheap, although it is offered freely. It took the sacrifice of God the Son to redeem those who believe.

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