The younger generation

Spent most of today with the teens of the church. Not sure if this is my age beginning to show, but I’m shattered!
Started off playing David at snooker. Fortunately I wasn’t completely shown up by this young upstart, eventually finishing the afternoon at 6-3 frames in my favour.
In the evening, the teenagers from HWEC were invited to join the teenagers of HTC for an evening of food and games at the HTC manse. Despite our disqualification, Karen and myself were allowed to stay and have food rather than go out into the street and beg. It was good for these young people to be able to get to know each other, as well as have a good time. I must admit, I’m beginning to feel a little old now though. 🙁 It’ll be the zimmer frame next…

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1 Response to The younger generation

  1. David Appleton says:

    Your still young gerald!, there are 3 test’s to carry out to decide when you reach ‘oldness’
    1)Advancing bald patch and/or majority of hair grey
    2)Responsible driving
    3)An uncontrollable urg to Knit
    As yet you test negative for all of the above.

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