Another mad Saturday! Spent the afternoon playing snooker against David again. Quite a few close frames compared to last week. I think the majority closed with black ball games. Despite losing the cue tip last week, I had sourced a new tip, attached it and the new tip appears to be so much better for controlling the cue ball. Overall a good afternoon, finishing 7-1 frames in my favour.
The evening was spent at home with the usual suspects who had descended on my humble abode to watch Cypher on DVD. Quite an interesting film, leaving you wondering what was going on for most of it. It also raised an interesting issue – Who can you trust? We go about our everyday lives, usually taking things at face value without questioning the validity of the things we take on board. Are we critical enough of our information sources, be it information about ourselves or others? Not to say we should be critical of everything, just the things which are worth being critical. Do we know what is important? Worth seeing.
Alas, I’m not a particularly good host, so it was good that some of the usual suspects – notably Sarah, once shown the location of necessities, were adept at being hosts. Thanks. 🙂