a.m.: John 17:13-19 p.m.: 1 Corinthians 7:17-35

As Jesus prays in the garden, he prays that his followers might know his joy within them. He asks that they might be set apart from the world. For the world hates them because they will not conform to the standards of the world, but God’s standard as revealed in his word. Through the power of the Spirit working, by his word, those who follow Jesus Christ are set apart to be holy, to be sanctified, to become more like Christ. Yet, they are to remain in the world, that through them, the world might know God and glorify him. For through all of this, they might have joy, a contentment from God which fills their soul regardless of their circumstances.
If we claim to follow Jesus Christ, our lives should reflect the will of God, for the Spirit indwells all those who follow the Son and sanctifies them. We should know him, by his word, the bible. Do we know the word of God and carry out his will? For only by knowing the word of God can we know how we may do his will, how we may be holy and sanctified, and so glorify him and have joy.
If we do not do his will, we should ask if we really are his, or whether our claim is false.

In his letter to the church in Corinth, Paul writes about being content with the circumstances we are in. Whilst we should better ourselves if the opportunity arises, we should not be troubled with our circumstances.
If we are unmarried, we should be content as we are. We should seek to do the will of God where we are, and not place conditions upon God before we will do his will. It may well be that God has destined we should be single for the whole of our lives, and that we should accept the consequences of celibacy and the self-control required to do his will. As far as God is concerned, it is better for us to remain single that we may serve him with one-mind and without distraction.
Yet, God has also destined some to be married, for not all are called to be single. He says it will be better for those who are unable to control themselves to be married, so that they would not sin. Those who are married should not consider those who are single to be second-class humans beings, nor should those who are single consider those who are married to be better off.
Above all, in whatever circumstance we are in, we should glorify God.

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