Pizza, ma non pizza

What a wonderful day! 🙂 For the first Saturday in quite a while I had a long lie-in, finally getting up some time past noon, feeling well-rested and relaxed, yet alert and awake. I did the usual routine of showering, teeth cleaning and preparing breakfast. Breakfast was slightly different with two quarter-pounders in baps. I spent the rest of the afternoon practising the violin, although I couldn’t keep that up and played a little on the piano as well which was slightly more tuneful and fulfilling, if not as challenging. I guess once I become proficient on the violin, it’ll be as enjoyable to play as the piano.
In the evening, I travelled down to the Pizza Express in Waterloo to meet with friends, both existing and future. In a bid to make sure I talked to people I didn’t know, I sat next to two complete strangers, although it transpired I had Rosie, Luna and Alexis sat opposite me. My bid stalled slightly as the two people either side of me had started talking to those away from me, so I caught up with old friends. This wasn’t a bad thing as I’d lost touch with them and so it was good to hear what they were currently doing in their lives. Eventually I got to talk to those either side of me, to discover I was sat between a financial journalist and an accountant! Was it a coincidence I was flanked by the financially minded? I don’t know. However it was good to get to know them. Oh and the food was excellent as well – I had a fine lasagne, followed by a strawberry bombe. I thank God for such a wonderful day.

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