This is a marina?

Got home well and truly knackered last night! Saturday had started off with a phone call from Philip at 11.30am. Up until that point, I was fast asleep, having a nice relaxing Saturday morning. It was a good thing to have been woken up though, as I was meeting David at 1pm to play snooker, so I had enough time to wash and get some breakfast – bacon and egg rolls – mmmmmm….
Beat David by 4-2 frames. I think he’s getting better, so I may need to get more practice in and try and improve my own game.
Afterwards, the usual suspects met up round Sarah’s to chat and chill, with a walk around Hayes Marina scheduled somewhere in the evening. I must admit to being slightly underwhelmed when I looked at the marina on the map, but when we got there, it was small, but pleasant, and we had a short walk along the Grand Union canal as well.
Anyway, got home in the early hours of Sunday morning, and went to bed.

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