Dead arms and arpeggios

Today had an interesting combination of events. Some time in the near future, I hope to travel to Kenya. In preparation for this, I need some vaccinations. Seeing as I haven’t travelled outside of Europe in the past decade, I needed the full gamut! A week ago I made an appointment to visit two surgeries, which was necessary because my doctor isn’t a Yellow Fever centre – they can’t administer the Yellow Fever vaccine. However, whilst I was told this information, the nurse gave me a Hepatitis A/Typhoid vaccination. Two down straight away. So today I trundled to my doctor for a Polio/Diphtheria/Tetanus booster in one arm, and then over to the other doctor for the Yellow Fever vaccination in my other arm. I am now all vaccined up for my trip to Kenya. All I need now is some anti-malaria tablets. Of course, I had a violin lesson this evening, which was interesting with two slightly dead arms!
Saying that, I appear to be learning a lot of stuff. I’m currently looking at two baroque pieces, a couple of studies by Kinsey, the major scales of A, D, G, F and C, and the arpeggios of G, A and D. I haven’t quite got the hang of trills in the baroque pieces and my slurring is a little suspect at times. It may be a while before I play as proficiently as I do the piano, but it’s given me a completely new insight into the string player’s viewpoint. I might take it a little easier on them next time I accompany one on the piano!

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