Where is the A202?

Another early Saturday morning! This time being domestic IT support for a friend, sorting out his computer installation. I wonder how many people out there would be stuck with their computer if they didn’t have a geek for a friend? It would seem to be something which everyone needs, mostly because computers really aren’t as easy to use as a television, especially if Microsoft is anything to do with it. I’ve noticed I don’t have as many calls to resolve problems with Apple Macs, or Linux. The former I put to real ease of use, and the latter to the fact that only geeks use Linux. Anyway, the worker is worth his wage, and I was provided with lunch.
Spent the afternoon down the snooker hall, as is usual with most of my Saturdays recently, playing David, eventually coming out 4-1 frames in front. Not a bad pace considering it was only for about two hours.
A few of us then bundled down to Camberwell in the evening. I have yet to successfully navigate my way to Camberwell by road, without somehow getting to Vauxhall, getting bamboozled with all the possible routes, eventually ending up heading to Elephant and Castle instead of carrying along the A202 to Camberwell! I blame Karen :), as I was going to turn right, but she reckoned we should go straight on, so I figured I’d listen to her. At least we got to see the church building where C H Spurgeon once pastored. Fortunately, this only adds a few minutes to the journey, but greatly complicates the route. We eventually met up with other folk from churches around London, shared a meal, played games and chatted. After a week in the secular world, it was good to experience a glimpse of the kingdom of God.

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