Not a chance

Finally managed to spend some time playing Civ III. It’s been a while since I’ve played a full game from start to finish. Of all the computer game genre’s, the “god game” is my favourite, and Civ III is probably top of the pile in my opinion. This particular foray proved as interesting as ever (to me anyway – not sure about you :)), where I started off as the Chinese, with the Aztecs and Americans in the far distant north. As the game progressed, my empire grew, until eventually I had land borders with the Americans and Aztecs. On the other side of the Aztecs were the Koreans, and in a three-way partnership with the Americans, we swapped technologies keeping ourselves top of the pile in terms of technological advancement. Eventually the Aztecs tired of me and declared war, but due to more advanced technology and a mutual protection pact with the Americans, the Aztec nation was consigned to history. As time went on, two major powers on another continent, the Greeks and Babylonians, starting vying for supremacy and trading relations. Seeing as the Greeks were nice rather than threatening, they benefitted from swapping technologies, eventually becoming the dominant power. If it were not for the fact the Americans and Koreans were now fighting a resource sapping war, allowing me to surge ahead technologically, I might well have lost to the Greeks. Anyway, in the end I triumphed, with a space race victory, being the first nation to send a ship to Alpha Centauri. Who says computers games are a boring, anti-social, waste of time? 🙂

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2 Responses to Not a chance

  1. David Appleton says:

    A glorious victory, long live the empire!

  2. owain clark says:

    sounds like fun

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