Ruislip….oh Wryslip!

I’m getting used to these lazy Saturday mornings. I managed to stay in bed until noon, when I finally decided to kick myself into life. I had a shower, put on some clothes and trundled down to Kingston.
The main purpose of my journey was to exchange a DVD at the Virgin Megastore, as I already had it, but had been given another as a gift. It might also be an opportunity to purchase various odds and ends for forthcoming holidays and the like. Little did I know that, when I came to the last known location of the Virgin Megastore in Kingston, it was no longer there! Duh! I decided to get a meatball sub from Subway and wander around Kingston for anything else I might need. Eventually I came across a Millets and decided it might be worth getting some clothing suitable for Kenya. On exiting, I had purchased a pair of light coloured, light material trousers, impregnated with mosquito repellant, which had been tagged as £40, but I paid £12 for as the till said they were £12, so despite the DVD disappointment, not a wasted trip.
In the evening I made my way up to The Plough in Ruislip, to meet up, and have a meal, with former members of the choir I used to accompany on the piano. It was good to spend the time catching up with each other, seeing how each other was getting on and getting our weekly musical fix. Some had joined other local choirs, some were even going to be performing at St Martin-in-the-fields! Good food and good company, producing a good evening.

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