Happy Birthday Miriam!

Sometime this week, Miz has a birthday, so Ally organised a birthday meal at the Blue River Cafe in Maidenhead. After fighting through the rush hour traffic, we arrived in plenty of time, allowing us to sit back, get a drink and relax before our meal. Inside, the restaurant was light and airy, and very clean and modern looking. Once everyone was assembled, we shuffled in the the main restaurant. The menu had many mouthwatering dishes listed, making it rather difficult to decide what to have. I finally settled on some garlic and paprika marinated lamb rump, with Mediterranean vegetables and mint infused cous-cous. Most of the others had gone for burgers, probably showing up my age (Although Sarah had gone for the same dish as myself). When it arrived, the food was almost perfect, with the lamb being very juicy and tender and very flavourful. Dessert followed, with a summer pudding, with fresh fruits and clotted cream. A very satisfying meal. Finally we wandered along the Thames towards a lock.
Good conversation on all manner of topics permeated the whole evening. A great evening of both food and conversation, and above all, the birthday girl seemed to enjoy herself.

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  1. Dave says:

    I didnt go for burgers, dont tarnish me with the same brush 🙂

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