Note taking

Hmmm, I just got back from a couple of days away, after getting back from France on Saturday. In between, I went to church and heard two sermons. Usually, I blog what I understood of the sermons, mostly for my own benefit, as it demonstrates to me what I’ve understood and makes me think about what I’ve heard, that I might compare it with Scripture, like the Bereans did with the apostle Paul’s preaching. It also helps me to keep track of what I’ve been told, and gives me something to refer to later on. However, being rather tired after a holiday, as well as packing for a short trip the next day meant I didn’t blog what I heard in the sermon. It would seem, that even after two days, I have forgotten most of the detail! It would seem my blogging actually helps me remember, both in terms of imprinting it in my mind, as well as producing a reference apart from my mind.

What I do remember was that the morning sermon was on faith, with the main gist being that it was not the size of your faith which mattered, but the object of your faith. After all, you could have huge faith in a rabbit’s foot, but it’s not going to do anything for you. Whereas even a little faith in Jesus Christ, who is God the Son, creator and sustainer of the universe, is sufficient to justify us before God. Of course, faith, if it is true, is going to manifest itself in obedience to Jesus Christ. Anyone who says they have faith in Christ, but doesn’t do what he says in any way, is lying. After all, he loves us and knows what is best for us, and if we say we trust him, then we will do what he says.

The evening sermon was on the word of God, the bible. Through it, God tells us everything we need for salvation, and everything we need to be built up in the faith. The bestselling book of all time, was inspired by the Holy Spirit, through at least 30 different human writers across two millenia. Somehow, God through the free will of these writers, brought about the bible. Despite these odds, the bible is internally consistent, and infallible, such that it can be relied upon to show us the mind of God. That through it, God reveals himself to us, and ultimately, God is glorified through it.

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