Thirty-two degrees

Well, it appears summer has finally arrived. Today the sun was blazing, and the the temperature at midday reached a rather warm 32°C. What better way to spend it than playing snooker with David in a darkened hall. 🙂 The eventual score was 7-2 frames to me, which isn’t too bad considering we haven’t played in what seems like months!

We then trundled up to Hayes Town Chapel for their anniversary celebrations (217 years to be precise), where Andrew Davies spoke about the Moravians, which incidentally had influenced the Wesleys, who had preached in Hayes and by whom the chapel was founded.

After the service and the fine refreshments, a group of us wandered down to Marble Hill in Twickenham to relax and chat, whilst having some food on the grass and maybe play some games. A fine way to spend a hot summer’s evening.

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