Military Music

Not so long ago, in my more arrogant days, I used to think military music was an oxymoron, much like military intelligence. These days, I’ve mellowed slightly and I actually enjoy military music (I also think military intelligence isn’t so ridiculous either, but that’s another blog entry :)) This is fortunate, as I spent this evening at Kneller Hall, home of The Royal Military School of Music, for a concert to commemorate the end of the Second World War. The performance was very good, being performed by three bands merged for the evening, with various pieces popular around the 1940s, as well as well known brass band/military fayre. It was not just the ears which were entertained, but the eyes also, as the dress uniforms, flags/colours and fireworks were also on display. The finale was particularly rousing, with Nimrod from the Enigma Variations, the Last Post culminating in everyone rising and singing, without prompting, God Save the Queen. To top it off, the weather was glorious, and the company was relaxed. A fitting way to consider the freedom bought at a terrible price.

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