You think you know who you are?

Just saw Crash at Feltham. After reading short snippets about it, I had hopes that it would be a challenging film. By the end of it, I was pleased I had seen it.

As a peek into the human condition, it fulfilled its role. There was a good sense of reality, as each of the characters stumbled through life trying to do what was right, sometimes even managing to do what was right, yet falling unceremoniously when you least expected it. (Or in some cases when you most expected it).

It reminds me that all people are complex and have baggage of all sorts to deal with. It’s so easy to judge a situation with only a casual knowledge of it, rather than spending time looking at it and evaluating it with the time it deserves.

It also reminds me that rascism is not restricted to one group of people, but that anyone can be rascist, although how it manifests itself might be different in each person.

And yes, this film had profanity, lewdness and occassional nudity, but if you took those away, you’d lose the reality.

Do we know who we are?

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