a.m.: Genesis 15 p.m.: Nehemiah 1

The promises of God in his word are many. For the believer, many of these promises are a hope and comfort. For Abram, God promised he would be the seed of a great nation, even though Abram had only asked for an offspring. He did more than Abram either asked, or even imagined! God’s grace could be seen through how he gave Abram more than he deserved.

Eventually, as history unfolds, God’s promise is shown to be trustworthy and true, as the Israelite nation is founded and God’s plan of salvation is revealed.

God can also be seen to be unchanging and good. As such, we can trust God at his word, his promises, and know that he will, and has (effectively!), fulfilled them.

In the evenings, Ron has started a series on Nehemiah, entitled “What’s so special about Nehemiah?” Hopefully, the question will be answered as the weeks go on and we look at Nehemiah in more depth. This evening’s sermon was a brief overview of the book.

After their defeat and captivity under the Babylonians, the Israelites were not done for. God had everything under control, the Medes conquered the Babylonians and eventually the Israelites were allowed to return to their country.

It is in this post exile climate that the book of Nehemiah records. Nehemiah himself was a man of the king’s court, being a cupbearer and so acting on behalf of the king in many situations.

He returns to Jerusalem intending to restore his city and people. He sets out the rebuilding of the city walls and the re-establishment of God’s law.

Eventually he succeeds in his aims because his trust is in God, and his aims are in accordance with the aims of God.

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