a.m.: Psalm 127 p.m.: Nehemiah 1

There is so much in the Christian life which is dependent on God. From justification, through sanctification and glorification, if God is not behind the work we labour in vain. This doesn’t just apply to spiritual work, but also applies to the everyday mundane works in our lives. If anything this applies more to the everyday tasks of life than to the not so frequent spiritual tasks.

Not just in our own lives, but in the lives of others as we seek to care for those around us. Whether it is in the upbringing of young Christians, defending against the attacks of Satan and the world, or safeguarding the church in general. If God is not defending and safeguarding, our attempts are futile.

Yet, God will watch over his people. He will build them up and protect them. So we are not to fret, working as though it all depended on us. Yes, we are to work diligently as for God, but we are also the realise it is his work and he will do it and bring glory to his name.

Even the youngest child of God can be used by him for his glory. Godly children can be a great blessing, taking the spiritual battle to the enemy and stopping attacks before they surface.

As Nehemiah prays to his God, he is earnest and humble.

He acknowledges God for who he is. He is on his knees, in full humility, before the Lord Almighty, the creator and sustainer of all things.

He is covenantal, remembering the promises of God, coming before God on God’s terms instead of making up his own.

He confesses the sins of the people, not in a “forgive them”, but in a “forgive us” attitude. He acknowledges he is part of the problem, rather than placing the blame on others.

He wishes to place the glory of God above all things, including his own.

Are my prayers as edifying as Nehemiah’s?

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