In John 14:12-21, Jesus tells those who have put their trust in him that they’ll be able to great things, not because of any power of their own, but by the power of the Spirit working in them. These great things will be in accordance with Jesus’ will, as the Spirit carries out the will of the Father and the Son. As such, anyone who puts their faith in Jesus will do what he commands, at least some of the time. Alas, our old nature will still battle with the Spirit and will still cause us to sin.

The evening sermon was a brief overview of Ephesians chapters 4 and 5 – the walk of Christianity. Basically, the following points are raised:

I should walk in unity with those who also trust in Christ.
I should walk differently from the world, with its antithetical thinking towards God.
I should walk in love – in the same love Christ demonstrated for us.
I should walk in the light – the word of God.
I should walk in harmony, willfully submitting to those who have rightful authority over me.