How well do you know me?

Decided to indulge my ego by creating a quiz about myself on Bebo, to see what my friends know about me.

Fortunately my brother came top with the highest number of correct answers about me. I guess it would’ve been weird for a non-family member to beat him.

The trend amongst my friends tended to favour the people who see me most frequently during the week, with the lowest score coming from those who see me only very occassionally and those who’ve only just met me.

The most frequent wrong answers were concerning my favourite foods, which I guess isn’t that surprising as I pretty much eat everything. That and bizarre questions like favourite character from the 100 Acre Wood! 🙂

Saying that, I did have trouble recalling information about my friends as I took their quizzes. I guess this just shows we should always meet together and have meaningful conversations.

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