All good gifts

A rather busy Saturday to end a rather busy week! Woke up fairly early and wandered down to the local sorting office to pick up a parcel – a new Canon EF 50mm/f1.8 II lens. Hopefully this lens will give me the added flexibility of taking indoor photos without flash, albeit it all at 50mm focal length. Should be good for weddings and other indoor places where light may be low, but flash photography is undesirable.
I then set about cooking myself some lunch and a chilli at the same time. The lunch was for immediate consumption, whereas the chilli was for the evening.
After lunch, I left the chilli simmering and started to sort out Colin’s hard disks. Basically he had data on various hard disks but couldn’t work out how to access them on his own compouter, so I plugged them into mine and slurped the data onto CD-Rs. Somewhere along the line, Sarah picked up the chilli and took it to Hayes Town Chapel.
It was soon time to head up to Hayes Town Chapel myself to join them in their Harvest supper, remembering that all good gifts come from God. There was a very good spread, some interesting conversations and I didn’t have to take any chilli home. Result. 🙂
Spent the remainder of the evening round Sarah’s just chilling and chatting.

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