Mary Magdalene evidently loved her Lord very much.

She was not content to just walk away from the empty tomb, but peered in again and saw the angels in the tomb where Jesus should’ve been. It would seem the magnitutde of the event had overcome her. When Jesus approached her, she was facing the wrong way and did not recognise his name at first. Upon hearing her name though she was overjoyed. Her spiritual eyes were opened and she turned around and realised who was speaking to her.

Jesus then speaks on the family of God, that she is a child of God. Although makes a distinction in his relationship with God, as the eternal Son, and her status as an adopted heir.

He then tells her to tell the other adopted children of God about what he is going to do. At which she obeys immediately.

Do I love my Lord as much as Mary Magdalene? Do I suffer from moments of spiritual blindness?

Nehemiah discovered that, as a children of God, life will not be plain sailing. There would be many discouragements, of which one would be encountered whilst rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

Yet despite the threatening behaviour of Jerusalem’s neighbours and the discouraging comments of those neighbours and those within the walls, Nehemiah knew God was greater than all of them.

He sought to remind those rebuilding the wall of the whole situation, of the reality of God. It was all too easy to forget God is in control and to be overwhelmed by the limited powers of those around us.

He brought these matters before God in prayer, but at the same time took action. He trusted God, and that trust led to action.

Those within the walls who were discouraging were reminded of God, changing their view of the situation and became united in action.

This action wasn’t just just defensive, but also constructive enabling the building of the wall to continue. Sometimes we may feel defend the church against the discouragements of the world, whilst neglecting to continue to build the church of God. We should seek to avoid becoming just a holy huddle and go out to spread the Gospel.