Learnt something which I’d never heard of before in my violin lesson yesterday evening. The Alexander technique is supposed to be good to relax the arm before and during playing so that the tone produced by the bow is more even and smoother. All I need to do is check I’m not in a room with a low ceiling or I might put a bow shaped hole in it! Things seem to be moving on though as I can now play the major scales of all the natural notes. (The “white keys” on a piano :)) and quite a few minor scales. Just need to improve my bowing so it’s consistently even and improve the agility of the fingers in my left hand. (In contrast to the agility of the fingers of my right hand which are very good for playing the piano, but only hold the bow on the violin!)

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3 Responses to Alexander?

  1. Colin says:

    Alexander Techniques are used more than just for relaxation. It is used now by a lot for spirutual purposes.

  2. Colin says:

    Alexander Techniques are used these days for more than just relaxation. They are used by some for spiritual purposes

  3. gerald says:

    I can’t help you there. I only use it to relax my arm before playing. 🙂

    Saying that I’ve had a look into this technique, and it appears to be aimed squarely at having good movement in ones limbs. It would seem anyone who finds a spiritual purpose for it might have the wrong end of the stick.

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