A fine evening spent at a classical music concert in Sandhurst with some of the usual suspects (the more cultured of the bunch) and some of the elder members of the church. The lineup was tantalising, with Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no. 2, Mozart’s Piano Concerto 23, and Saint Saens Carnival of the Animals being the main attractions. Alas, some of the soloists for the Bach were ill, so a Telemann was sustituted. A very fine piece, but not Bach. That said, it was a great evening just to be able to sit and listen to live music performed for music’s sake and not to be distracted by anything else. The visual aspect of the performance came to a fore during the Carnival of the Animals, with many of the musicians evidently enjoying themselves, poking fun at some of the folly musicians (and humans in general) fall foul of occassionally.

An evening of exilaration, contemplation and most human emotions in between – experiencing something which expresses that which words fail. It’s a shame most young people don’t seem to have the patience for classical music.