Love is all you need…

Just viewed an interesting video clip by the BBC covering an American organisation called The Silver Ring Thing who are over here to promote their cause – that intimate sexual activity should only occur within marriage, as taught by orthodox Christianity from the Bible.

The commentator appeared to agree that such a cause, sexual abstinence until marriage, would lower such things as the teenage pregnancy rate as well as the incidence of STDs in Britain, but considered the cause to be unrealistic and thought that the group’s religious leanings would deter people from listening to them.

Now I’m not usually one for following American fashions but, in the 2001 census, 37.3 million people in Britain regarded themselves as Christian. (About 7/10 of the adult population). If the commentator was right, it would appear most people don’t understand what Christianity is about. Why would anyone claim to be something they don’t understand? Why would anyone claim to be something they don’t even want to be?

Ultimately, according to Christianity, God isn’t a killjoy, God loves us and every command he has given us is for our own good. If we claim to love God and trust God (which are fundamental Christian tenets), we will do what he commands – even keeping intimate sexual activity within marriage. If we do not do what he commands, then it would seem we neither love him nor trust him. Are we truly what we claim to be?

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2 Responses to Love is all you need…

  1. pete says:

    It’s difficult, often to be what we want to be. Trying and failing is okay, normal, weakness is still a part of life. Life (and I’m not going to say modern life) puts us under a great deal of pressure. Pressure we must all deal with. Surly a greater sin is to criticise in Gods name, another. We’ll surely all be judged together. Just once, and not to make ourselves feel, better, more pure, than the other man.

  2. David Legg says:

    Sounds like you are feeling got at, Pete. Which particular behaviour are you feeling guilty about?

    Sorry if I misread you, but The Judgement is real, it’s coming, and you need to be ready for it!

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