a.m.: 1 Timothy 2:1-7 p.m.: Nehemiah 8

Being Remembrance Sunday, we remember all those who died defending this country in two world wars and other conflicts. We are thankful to them, for the measure of peace which they fought for.

We should also consider God, and his grace towards us. This country might’ve been very different today if the seas were not calm during the evacuation of Dunkerque, if Hitler hadn’t turned towards the Soviet Union, amongst many other pivotal events. For God owes us nothing, for we have turned away from him and yet he grants us a measure of peace.

Even for this measure of peace, we should thank God. It is even more amazing that God not only grants us a measure of peace, but offers total peace, reconciliation with him, through the sacrifice of his Son.

With all this in mind, we should use the peace we have been given for the glory of God. To share his great Gospel with others, that others might have not only a measure of peace, but total peace.

After Nehemiah’s return from exile, the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and the framework of infrastructure in place, the people of God told Ezra to bring out the Book of the Law of Moses – the scriptures. For centuries, Christians have been known as “The people of the Book”.

God gave us his writen word through many different men ranging from priests and prophets to physicians and fishermen. Over 1500 years, God revealed himself, ultimately revealing himself in the person of his Son and confirming the validity of his written word.

The people of God here didn’t need to be told to read the scriptures, they actively sought them, they had an appetite to hear God’s word. They listened attentively as Ezra read the word, plainly and clearly. They would’ve heard many things they would not have liked, but they did not shirk away. For the word of God is no use if gleaned for amenable passages. All of it is useful, even if it is sometimes unpalatable.

For the people of God, if it is challenging, it should have an effect. If no effect is perceived, it is not the scriptures which are at fault.

For the scriptures are God breathed, though written by men who were used by him. Not a book descended from heaven, but through God’s plan, as accurate as if it had been.

This is not to say we worship the Bible, for that would be putting it above God, but by it we may know God and worship him according to his will.

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