a.m.: John 20:30-31 p.m.: Nehemiah 9

According to the Bible, the only way to be right with God, to have our sins dealt with and be forgiven, is through faith in Jesus Christ. None of our good works, none of the status we acquire, will be enough to cover our sin. In regard to our eternal salvatoin, it doesn’t matter if we attend church regularly, if we are church members, work for the church, hold office in the church – nothing but Jesus Christ can save us from what God’s justice requires for our sin and from sin itself.

We have to determine for ourselves if Jesus in the Christ is the Messiah, the chosen one, the promised one. We have to decide if he is the one who is able to save us from our sins. In the gospel accounts, he performs many miracles, and says many things concerning his status and his abilities. The Jesus of the bible leaves us very few options.

As such, the bible is sufficient in containing everything we need of what God expects of us and what we need to know concerning salvation.

As the Israelites gathered to pray with God, they started with praising his name. With their prayers they gave him the glory he was due. For God alone should be the primary focus of praise and glory, for he alone is our creator and saviour. It is only through putting God in his rightful place may we may find our ultimate enjoyment.

For God is good and loving, and the Israelites acknowledged this. He gives us everything we need, both physically and spiritually. He cares for us and gave us a law which is in our best interest.

Yet we have broken his law and glorify ourselves, we selfishly think we know better than God. If we are to be right with God, we need to repent and trust in his Son to deal with our sin. Then we will have eternal life, a life of knowing God and being with him.

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