O come let us adore him

I should probably do less on Saturdays – I’m worn out! A whole bunch of us met up in London for a bit of sightseeing/shopping, with a trip to Trafalgar Square in the evening to sing carols with the London City Mission.

The day started with us all meeting up in Picadilly Circus around lunchtime, for a bite to eat. After lunch, we split up pretty much into a group of boys and a group of girls, with the girls off shopping down Regent Street, and the lads wandered down to Tower Bridge to take photos of various London sites. Being a lad, I was well equipped, with my trusty camera under my arm. We even went climbed the monument to the Great Fire of London, build by Christopher Wren – 311 steps to the top! I was glad we did though, as the view was superb, with a good opportunity to get some wide angle shots of London at sunset.

After taking photos of everything and anything, it was time to meet up with the girls again for more food before we wandered down to Trafalgar Square.

As always, the gathering at Trafalgar Square was sizeable, although not massive – it’s a huge square! All the traditional carols were present, along with familiar scripture readings. Many people who were out and about in London joined in and got to hear the gospel in a clear and concise message.

After a short stroll down Oxford Street to see the lights, in a huge group(!), we all headed home in smaller groups. It was good be be able to participate in the sharing of the gospel, and also to be able to mix with others, some of whom are unchurched, in a group setting which was friendly and warm.

A very good, if slightly tiring, day!

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