It’s all going horirbly wrong!

It all started with a rather rude awakening by the telephone – well rude for a Saturday morning anyway. (You know who you are!)

The day deteriorated when I played snooker – I lost! 3-2 frames to David! Well done!

Strangely, my mobile phone was unable to either send or receive text messages, so I wondered along to the shop I got it from after the snooker, to be told it was a fault with the network provider and would be resolved soon. We’ll see…

Meanwhile, the parking ticket for my car expired by five minutes and I got a parking fine…40(!) 🙁

Ah well, it could be worse – by the grace of God I still have my family, friends (even if they do phone you on a Saturday morning! I love you really :)), health and general well-being.

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