Happy birthday Sam and er…. me! :)

Spent the evening at a restaurant called “La Salle”, under the arches in Windsor, celebrating the birthdays of Sam and myself with the usual suspects, organised by Miriam and her helpers (I suspect Ally and Sarah). They tell me they had originally attempted to book an American Diner they found on the internet, but when they phoned up to book, they got La Salle instead. On reflection, this was probably a good thing. The evening started with gifts and I think I acquired eight pairs of socks, from various people – I think someone is trying to tell me something! Then came the food which was delicious and filling – a very tasty warm duck and mango salad, followed by a mouth-watering swordfish steak and sweet potato. At the end of the evening, we even had two birthday cakes, with a candle each, and small firework between us! It was great to be able to just unwind and relax with friends over a meal. A superb evening! The atmosphere was cool, the company warm and the food and service were excellent. Thank you. 🙂

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