Woke up this morning relatively early to do some shopping in Kingston. The choice of town to shop in is important, as most places don’t seem have music shops which stock sheet music anymore. ‘Hands’ still trade in Kingston though. I managed to find a compilation of John Williams film tunes arranged for violin, including the Star Wars theme and the Imperial March. Also managed to spend some of my Christmas money on footwear waterproofing spray and some DVDs – The Incredibles, E.T. and Bend it Like Beckham – all highly amusing films which I’d imagine I’d watch more than once (I have a fairly good idea as I only buy DVDs of films I’ve seen already :)).

I think the disastrous game of snooker last Saturday was a strange anomaly as I stormed to a 5.5-0.5 victory over David. Heigh ho.

Finished the day round Sarah’s, watching David on DVD. I must admit to being slightly apprehensive as it had loads of mainstream actors in it, so feared a hatchet job with the story, with a high probability of the story departing wildly from the Biblical narrative. I was pleasantly surprised as the film was quite faithful to the Biblical account and brought the story of David to life with some good acting and settings. It seemed to portray David’s good and bad points much as the Bible does, not hiding them nor overemphasising them. Worth seeing, if only to make you look at your Bible and be reminded of bits you’d forgotten!