Schlittschuhe mit Geburtstag!

A nice relaxing Saturday! Woke up after a nice lie in at around noon. 🙂 Had a shower, cooked some bacon and eggs for breakfast and headed off to Slough to celebrate David’s birthday with some ice-skating to start.

Unlike the last foray on the ice, the boots fitted snugly so I spent almost the whole two hours skating around the rink in blissful comfort, occassionally terrorising Dave A.

We then pootled down to Nandos for a meal of chicken and something, and the occassional diversion from eating into conversation. (I think Nandos only serve chicken!) The group was slightly smaller than usual, for various reasons, and it was just nice to be able to have a conversation with everyone on the table.

We finally convened at Dave’s for an evening of Monopoly. I think I’ve seen it all now, with some of the strangest deals going! It’s a good job the game is all down to the roll of the dice, otherwise I’d think I was useless at it. 🙂

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag David!

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  1. DAve says:

    Roll of the dice?…jus jealous you lost 😛

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