More reeds?

The day started off rather lazily, with a nice lie-in until around noon. I then proceeded to cut my ‘to-do’ list down by trying to install Fedora Core 4 on one of the spare PCs I have lying around, which I’d hopefully then be able pass on to someone who needed a computer. Only problem was that the PSU in one of them made a popping sound and then emitted a significant plume of smoke. The other I had was passed onto me because it was causing problems for its original owner. After a little diagnosis, I concluded the processor was overheating and causing random failure. So much for a productive afternoon.

I then went round Beth’s to accompany her on the piano as she played her musical composition on the oboe. I must say I was very impressed with it – much better than anything I’ve ever done. It had a pleasant but distinctive melody and harmony, and was typeset very nicely. Only slight snag was that the reed on her oboe was on its way out but she didn’t have a spare.

The rest of the evening was spent at the church with the usual suspects playing table tennis, pool and other games. A good evening spent with good friends and giving me a good run around, ensuring I will sleep well tonight. šŸ™‚

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