I’ve been helping out at the church youth club for quite a few years now, and looking back there have been some very happy moments, the odd sad moment and maybe one or two hair raising moments! A couple of Fridays ago, while I was running the club for the evening, I was surprised to find some young men standing outside the church. It was even more surprising because these young men were kids once who attended the club many years back and were there to say hello to the leaders, including me! One was now living in Australia and was here visiting friends and relatives and took time out to come and see us!

Looking at them, while they were possibly a little bigger now, most of them hadn’t changed a bit! Some were at university, some at college and some were now working. It’s amazing to think they still remember their time in the club, and we spent a while recounting stories from the past.

Of course, you may be wondering why this is appearing on my blog. Well, some of them were disappointed I hadn’t mentioned their visit! So here’s for you – Azim, Dheeraj, Hareem, Shanil, Tom, and Vinay.