A futile pursuit?

Played Trivial Pursuit with the usual suspects this evening. It started well when we realised the box only contained a board and questions – no counters/wedges! A quick improvisation with Risk pieces and a piece of paper to keep track of wedges averted a crisis. Given our numbers, we decided to go in four teams of three (well, I decided and no one argued :)) with some interesting teams.

There were a few rather amusing moments! When Dave, Steve and Nige were asked what a group of bears was known as….a train..a pride…a family…(it’s a sleuth for those who don’t know).

Or when asked what a ‘meat wagon’ was the Karens and Sarah, after much deliberation, came up with a ‘mobile butcher'(!)

There was always a single voice in one team which always punctuated the air with ‘I know this one….seriously…honestly…’

The crowning achievement was back with Dave’s team. When asked where Amundsen-Scott station was, in deliberation, one of them said, “Isn’t that in the South Pole?” to be put down with “Why would anyone need a train station there!”

Come the end of the evening, my team was only ahead by one wedge, with the others close on our tails – surprisingly equal teams given they were divided up by where people were sitting. A highly amusing evening!

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