Two two’s

I am extremely tired! After a nice long lie-in, a few of us from HWEC sauntered along to Cranford to meet up with Robin and his lot from Cranford Baptist Church for a kick-around (a game of football, rather than anything else which pops into your mind!). Despite my regular footballing antics on a Monday night, I’m definitely unfit! Manged to stop loads of goals, but by the end of it all, I was shattered!

Despite this, I wandered along to Sarah’s for the evening, for pancakes, perudo and poker. I think I possibly ate too many, as I was feeling slightly bloated come mid-evening! Anyway, after losing perudo to Ally and Beth, we had a go at “Texas Hold ’em”. The result clearly showing why you should never play for money – Sam H came out top after going all in, and spawning a win with nothing.

A good evening. 🙂 Time for bed I think!

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