Bovril…without the bov!

Whilst shopping for lunch, I spotted the Bovril and thought some beef extract might be nice to have during the colder months. I dropped it into my basket, finished my shopping and wandered back to the office. By mid-afternoon, I felt like a beverage, so thought I’d break open the Bovril. As I was fiddling with the strange shrink-wrap thing they have on the lid, I noticed a vegetarian sign. Now I may not be the brightest spark in the building, but beef extract suitable for vegetarians seems a little odd! I investigated a little closer, and found, to my horror, the beef extract had been replaced with yeast extract! What I had in my hands was, in effect, Marmite! Now don’t get me wrong, I like Marmite, but if I’d wanted Marmite, I’d have bought Marmite instead of Bovril! How can you still call it Bovril without the bov?! Ah well….

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  1. Dave says:

    I mentioned that months ago 😀 During the BSE crisis they changed to vegtable extract…and never looked back. :crazy:

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