More Hobbes than Calvin

Almost All Hobbes

You are 10% Calvin and 90% Hobbes

You’re a clever tiger with a dash of little boy. A bit pessimistic about human nature, you think most people would be better as meals than as friends, and maybe you’re right. At least, I’ve known several guys who fit that description. But your cannabalistic streak notwithstanding, you’re a sensitive, (mostly) patient, and supportive friend. You have a few wild ideas here and there, but over all, you’re quite sensible. Finally, my guess is you’re the kind of person who gets along well with others, but who really needs space to be alone, like me.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 0% on calvin
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You scored higher than 97% on hobbes

Link: The Calvin Or Hobbes Test written by gwendolynbooks on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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2 Responses to More Hobbes than Calvin

  1. Maeghan says:

    Hi! I got to your blog via Rebecca Writes.
    My son and I are downright Calvin and Hobbes fan 🙂 So thanks for the link.
    The thing is that we named him after Calvin, his father is really like the father and I am really like the mother. Only Hobbes is missing!:D


  2. Maeghan says:

    And I am 70% Calvin!

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