Well, the sermons at church today were interesting. This morning, we were looking at a portion of the Sermon on the Mount, specifically Mt 5:17-20, with Rom 8:1-4 as a development. The passage was basically broken into four points: Doctrine, Deeds, Death, Disciples.

Doctrine, because Jesus explains the full gravity of the Law. The Pharisees had dumbed down the Law to make it possible for someone like me to keep, whereas, in reality I could never fulfil the demands of the Law.
Deeds, because Jesus kept the Law in its entirity, in contrast to me.
Death, because Jesus died and suffered the wrath of God, as a sacrifice and substitution for me, so that I would not suffer the consequence of my Lawlessness.
Disciples, because as a disciple of Jesus, the Law would be my guide and not my condemnation. i.e. Because I have been saved, I will not disregard the Law, but it will govern my behaviour.

So through these four points, Jesus fulfilled the Law, without abolishing it.

The evening service was looking at the passage Eph 3:1-13 and was also broken into four points. (With a phonetic S sound 🙂 )

Circumstance, regardless of my background, regardless of where I am from, regardless of what I’ve done, Jesus can save me.
Self, I should become humble – although not a doormat.
Saviour, through faith in him, Jesus can save me from the consequence of what I’ve done.
Service, and by being saved, I am to serve Him who saved me. Not by what I feel is right, but by what he has revealed as right in the bible.