Spam spam spam spam….

Had my first piece of unsolicited SMS today. Of course, this is not to be confused with the pink spongy spam manufactured(!) by Hormel. Now spam isn’t a new concept to me, I’ve lost count of the number of emails offering me breast enlargement, enlargement of other body parts, effort-free degrees, free porn of every perversion, and the prospect of US$10,000,000 (Ten-million US Dollars)….amongst other things. So, instead of just deleting this unsolicited SMS, I had a trawl around the internet and found a site which collects SMS spam called These guys pass the details of SMS spam onto the appropriate authorities, and who knows, something good might come of it – hopefully my SMS inbox will not become as riddled with spam as my email inbox if action is taken early on. We’ll see.

2-2 at snooker this evening against Robin. Couple of scrappy frames to start with, improved in the last two.

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