Google google gooooooogle…..

It’s just occurred to me I’m rather dependent on Google… I have, and use quite heavily, a Google Mail account, Google helps me find things on my desktop, I have, and use, a Blogger account, Google Analytics helps me keep track of visitors to my web sites, the Google toolbar enhances my web browsing experience, if I need to find somewhere on earth Google Earth is where I click, if I’m trying to find a bargain Froogle is there for me and to top it all, Google helps me find things on the web. If Google were to go belly up, or become heavily influenced by a totalitarian state (as if! :crazy: ) I could be significantly inconvenienced. Maybe I should diversify? But then, to where would I turn? Who offers all these services, at no direct cost to me, with the same levels of performance and convenience?

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  1. owain says:

    ow do i go about geting an adress

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